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Knowledgebase: Updating Screwdrivers from V4 to V6

Updating Screwdrivers from V4 to V6
There is a new version of Screwdrivers which is self-updating.  All workstations should be updated to Screwdrivers V6 as it enables the printing of pdf and large documents without freezing.
There are 3 steps to updating your version of Screwdrivers.
Step One: Uninstall V4
Outside of Central Hosting go to Start and Control panel
Change View by: to Small icons

Check you have Screwdrivers Client v4
Open Programs and Features
Select ScrewDrivers Client v4 and click on Uninstall
Step Two: Check for 32 or 64 bit operating system
Left click start button
Right click on Computer and select Properties, under System Type make a note of whether 32 or 64 bit operating system

 Step Three: Install Screwdrivers V6
For 64 bit machines select x64 version click here
For 32 bit machines select x86 version click here
Click Run and install (this can take some to install)
Log back into Central Hosting and after 2 – 3 minutes your printers will appear.