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Central Hosting


Knowledgebase: Welcome to the Knowledgebase!

Welcome to the Central Hosting Knowledgebase!
This is where you will find lots of useful information and known issues/fixes relating to Central Hosting.


I have an issue or a question, how do I find the information I need?
This knowledgebase is published in the form of a WIKI which many of you may be used to using on the internet. You can simply search for various terms relating to the issue you are experiencing or the feature you wish to learn about using the search box in the top right hand corner of this site. You can also see recently updated or added posts on the left of this page underneath the heading Recently Modified, you can view the complete list of knowledgebase articles or Specific issues by clicking on the links below.
Please take the time to search for the information you need here before calling the ICT Service Helpdesk as most common issues can be easily remedied by following the instructions posted here.